Former Director of Roads & Utilities - Ministry of Public works & Housing.

Chairman's Message

Innovation merged with expertise results in excellence. Al Turath Engineering Consultancy has come a long way to achieve excellence and recognition with the help of expert engineering specialists and professionals. I am very pleased to lead a team of hard working individuals who have thrived to make Al Turath’s vision a reality. We have been able to achieve great endeavours and have had the opportunity to grow immeasurably in our accomplishments as an organization. Pioneering the engineering industry was a challenge which our company has held as a priority at all times. Our organization is not only recognized to provide state of the art development projects, but also provides expert consultancy services alongside. From Urban Planning, Buildings, Infrastructure, Roads and Highways, Bridges, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning to Construction Management; Al Turath covers all sectors and construction projects with the most competitive team and excellent client relationship management. Equipping ourselves to serve clients according to their requirements, who look forward to exceptional consultancy services, we have achieved consistent milestones and considerable expansion within a small period of time and we perceive ourselves continuously moving forward to deliver the best.


We endeavour to be the most accessible, competitive and servicing consultants who were established to meet challenges faced by consultancy companies through safe execution that sets us well-apart in the industry. We strive to be the only construction and engineering company which has the latest technology and designs that are incomprehensible by competition and safest to provide and deliver. Our vision is to provide our clients with the most sought after, reachable and state of the art service with designs and ideas that they thought could not turn into reality. At Al Turath we prioritize quality, reliability, and distinguished consultancy services to stand prominent in our industry. We intend to continuously face challenges in design and execution of construction services to provide the best consultation in the UAE region to our clients.


Al Turath Engineering Consultancy is renowned to deliver value-added services ensuring longevity along with highest standards of professionalism, innovation, creativity and foresight for arising needs and demands. Being pre-eminent consultants, we practice professionalism and relationship building with clients to outline our topmost priority leading to guaranteed satisfactory results.

Corporate History

Al Turath Engineering Consultancy is a Dubai based, well-established firm, recognized by its services for ​since 1981. The founder has brought a team of professionals with diversified experience on high capacities and this experience guarantees the excellence in service provided by Al Turath to date. The intricacies of the industry and its working are therefore clear in the vision of its founder and expert engineer, hence clients approaching Al Turath have been receiving and will continue to receive unquestionable high standard of services and consultancy. Al Turath’s target at its initial phase of formation was to provide consultancy engineering services in the field of buildings design and construction supervision. Excelling this area, Al Turath gradually developed into a multi-construction service provider with exceptional consultation in the fields of Engineering to cover Urban Planning, Civil – Structural Engineering, Electro-mechanical Engineering, Q.S. Services, Infrastructure, Highway &Roads, Bridges, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning, as well as exclusively innovative Architecture. Al Turath’s history has revolved with continuous dedication and devotion for the passion of our organization’s expertise. We have not only been serving in Dubai but across the United Arab Emirates and hold immense pride of being a part of making remarkable contribution to the construction industry of UAE. UAE stands tall today globally as it comes to buildings, infrastructure and development. To further mark its position Al Turath is registered and pre-qualified to carry out engineering services to the highest number of Local and Federal Government Agencies. The organization has served a prestigious client network. Our clients have adopted and conformed to our policies and rules of design, supervision and quality control. We feel pleasure in stating that the success rate with our clients has been 100% to date. The human resources of Al Turath are very diverse, polished in their respective skills and highly qualified from renowned schools of engineering. This team has proven to be the hardest working and devoted team that can be gathered under one organization’s roof. From various nationalities and backgrounds, we encourage different ideas to blend in the best and offer our clients with limitless possibilities. As for assurance, Al Turath is following accredited international quality systems and it is ISO Certified. Our company has the experience to offer design and supervision services for a wide range of villas, commercial and residential buildings, sports clubs, multi-storey buildings and towers, shopping centres, schools and institutes, infrastructure, roads, footpaths, parking areas, traffic impact studies, drainage and sewerage networks as well as engineering work for new development areas, etc. To keep the creativity fresh and up to the demands of our clients, Al Turath Engineering Consultants regularly encourage the team to participate in design competitions and in turn has won many prestigious and recognized projects. Al Turath has also been nominated for a number of Arabic and International Awards on the basis of excellence in various areas of construction and engineering services.


OWNER AND PRESIDENT NAME: Abdul Razak Kasim Al Ali POSITION: President EDUCATION: B. Sc. (Civil Engineering) – 1978 M. E. (USA) – 1985

SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE: Degree qualified Civil Engineer with over 33 years of experience in various aspects of Office Management, buildings, roads, construction management and transportation planning. Experienced in Buildings, Roads and Transportation fields including Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Contracts Administration Former Director of Roads & Utilities – Ministry of Public works & Housing Principal-in charge of Roads and Highways Division and Quality Management Affairs of Al Turath


Building Division:
* Architectural and Interior Design Section * Structural Engineer Section
* Electrical Engineering Section
* Mechanical Engineering Section
* Landscape Engineering Section
* Construction Supervision Section

Infrastructure, Roads and Highways Division:
* Infrastructure Engineering Section
* Roads and Highways Section
* Transportation Planning and Traffic
* Engineering Section
* Electrical Engineering Section
* Mechanical Engineering Section
* Construction Supervision Section

Technical Support Division:
* Contracts and Quantity Surveying Section * Services Engineering Section
* Information Technology Section
* Quality Control Section

Administration, Legal and Financial, Marketing Division:
* Administration and Legal Affairs Section
* Business Development Section
* Human Resources Section
* Financial Affairs Section
* Public Relations and Media Section

Quality Policy

    • We are committed to provide, Design and Supervision Services, consistent with customer requirements and expectations. It is our target to become one of the leading consultants in our fields in U.A.E.
    • We work towards continuous improvement in every functional area.
    • We shall implement and maintain a quality system as per the requirements of the international standards, to provide confidence that the requirements for Quality are being met and that Quality improvements take place in all our operations.
    • Our endeavor is to provide a reliable and state -of the -art technology.

Organization Chart